May 20, 2016

Hello Everyone!

We actually blogged for 7 years before we stopped. Rather impressive.


Dec 31, 2013

12 years down the road and counting...

Happy New Year People! 

I do not know for sure what the year 2014 will bring us (more so because we all still seem to be drifting along, apart from one another), but I will still be counting all the years of our awesome friendship and keeping you guys in my prayer, like I've been doing for the past years.

I know past thoughts and ideas of each other still lingers in our mind daily, but many of us have changed and matured (regardless for the better or worse) ever since. With that said, I will continue to embrace and cherish our friendship and familial bonds regardless of things said or happened in the past or even if any of you dislike me for my style, attitude, or approach (just putting this out to be clear :)).

I'm 8779 miles flight distance from you people and I know not when I will be home. I'm here seeking for experience or even my calling in life for all I know, but I've never stopped thinking about things we discussed together while in SMK U8 - living close together, doing business together, travel together and grow old together. I've spoken to some of you on the probability of some of it happening and I've gotten positive enthusiasm and ideas, some pessimism, and some just anticipating actual face-to-face discussion, which gives me a greater understanding of you guys over the years and I sincerely appreciate it.

Well, I may be home by end of 2014 earliest, for some of you who wanted to know. Please wait for me to go on MAJOR trips like Japan, Korea, Macau/HK, or even Bangkok! Yes, Bangkok is considered major because I want to go with the gang!

I miss you people a whole lot! Feel free to contact me on FB or whatsapps. Definitely would love to keep up with things. I only get a sense of things by chatting with Mr.Wong on oovoo or whatsapp with Kennie (and this was sometime ago).

Hope all is well and will be better in this coming year!


Dec 26, 2013

Merry Christmas Ya'll!

Dec 23, 2013

Banner Revival!

Ian and I have discussed and came up with an idea for our Banner above. We should take new pictures of ourselves (probably individually), within a certain concept and put it together - like formal wear (full shot) or funny facial expressions or something else.

I don't know if anyone will even be reading this but I'm gonna write it anyway!

Happy Birthday Tinesh, My Brother!


Renovation completed FINALLY!

A well needed push from Reagan was needed to complete the blog. (after almost 4 years) But well, it is a good thing to have, considering that we are seeing less of each other now. Anyways, hope the rest of your are okay with the design. (and if you're not, you know I'm not giving a crap right) On that note, enjoy the blog. (If you guys even come here)

P.S. Today is Tinesh's birthday. So remember to wish him. And Tinesh. Happy Birthday to you!


May 31, 2010

blog under renovation

guys. if u are reading this. gimme some time to fix the blog. few days maybe. abit confusing. the codes are quite messy. sorry dint tell u guys i wanted to do this. but anyways its been some time since we change the template on the blog. so y not. :D

May 27, 2010

Josh wanted me to post some info to confirm the plan for our trip

1st of all . I would like to talk about Sunday [gathering] - list of attendance . lol
- Steph, Sarah, Tinesh, Aaron, Ken Nie, Saara & myself.

Everyone except Saara will meet up around 2PM! and we shall have a picnic? [buy snacks and drinks and games and yourself] at Taman Titiwangsa? until 6 or so then we meet up with Saara by 7pm . but we have yet to decide where to go at night [shall plan during the picnic or if anyone has any suggestion just say it]


Alright , for the trip now . the confirmed dates are 6th - 9th June 2010 [Sunday to Wednesday/less than 2 weeks from now/4days 3 nights].

[A] - I have sort of book my Sitiawan apartment[the payment I'll reconfirm when we can confirm how many people is going] . but within that 4 days, we're planning to do a day trip to Penang for makan and sightseeing and stuffs.

[B] - 4D3N in Penang only! accommodation not confirmed [Saara supposed to check with his auntie bout an apartment or we shall just get rooms at price we haven't check]

[C] - Clubmed . Saara heard of a promotion price thingy . and I guess all of you should know about this place . pay ONCE and makan and play all you want . seems likely though that we're going Clubmed .

So basically if everyone is going, we'll have a record of 8 person in this trip! [excluding JoJo & Lan who's still overseas] . Like I said .. its less than 2 weeks away . so confirm now! [ lol . I sound like a promoter]

Saara, Josh, Ken Nie, Tinesh and myself confirmed . Steph [skipping college?] . Ron has to skip college also but he cant confirm[ confirm asap] . Sarah can?

*Update - Saara's auntie dont have ties with the apartment anymore . so we're on our own if we go Penang

*Update 2 - Just so that we're on the same page . I suggest we wear comfy clothings on Sunday . almost similar going to the beach . xD


May 26, 2010

"Are You Excited?"

remember the craze phrase I created? xD


May 25, 2010

If Sunday is fine for everyone, let's think of what to do. (1) Karaoke (2) Just have dinner and lepak (3) Dinner and movie . Any other suggestions?

And for those who can meet up earlier, we shall set a timing to meet as Saara can only come at 7.


May 24, 2010

I just wanna make a different proposal if I may . Steph, few of them are not available for lunch on Saturday.

Can we have dinner on Sunday night .. if its on Sunday night, majority should be able to make it . how?


May 23, 2010

First of all, I owe everyone an apology and I'm really sorry for fading away from the gang and everything I did all these while.

I know I have been mixing alot with my collegemates rather than the gang. Im extremely sorry. I actually felt kinda afraid and shy to ask you guys out or meet up after what I've done. I kinda felt left out too sometimes. But, no matter what, you jantans and betinas are and will always be my only bestest best friends. I've not put in my effort to get back into the gang.
Thinking back all the moments, I really miss those moments we used to hangout almost everyday.

Ting-I've been disappointing you alot. But still, you have kept the faith in me all these while and putting so much effort to get the gang back along. Thanks alot Ting. I still miss the times you, Tinesh, Josh and Saara staying over at my place and CC for 3 hours and have dinner after that. And I can still remember you puked in my room while you were laughing. haha

Tinesh- I have known you since standard 4. Basically, we went through alot since primary, from my grandpa sending you home and in secondary my dad and your parents sending us to school. Even our parents know each other and I miss your mom's cooking so badly.

Josh- I have known you the longest in the gang. We have been friends for 14 years man. Lost in contact when we were in year 4 but somehow, we met again and became classmates in form 1. I guess this is fate. The one who bring the same food to school and eat during class periods. BREADS! haha

Lan- I enjoyed the best moments in form 4 and 5, sitting beside you and behind the lovely dovey couple. Passing you my stuff during spot-checks. and skipping physics classes for PJ and little casino behind the class. haha.
KenNie- New to the gang, old to me, since primary, you and I were already good buddies since primary. And now, you and I are the mata sepets in the gang. hehe

Saara- You are always the typical Indian man to me and a real joker. You are the only one who bullies me all the time and the big bully in the gang.

Steph- You ll always be my mommy. I miss being called kuai chai. You are the one I can always ask and talk about girls. And why mamypoko??

Sarah- Little man! I have not seen you for ages. You are the only one in the gang I can bully. I miss bullying you.

Jojo- You are the one who has the same thing as me. blurness. haha. I miss you!

Again, I am really sorry and thanks alot for keeping the faith in me. I promised that from now, I ll put in more effort and time to the gang.

i'm sorry.

i have not found new friends as replacements. i dont think there's anyone who can ever replace how i feel when i'm around u all. so here's my version of ting's post.

aaron - i still think of u whenever i see mamipoko (if thats how u spell it). you'll always be my taxi driver.

josh - i can still remember your old hp number back when we were 'a couple'. 016-3026670! i miss shopping and lunching with u and i miss the feeling when i hug u and you're the only person tall enough that i have to tiptoe. i see the hush puppie dog every night on my shelf and i think of bobbette.

ian - whenever i see any IT crap i still think of u. now that i'm doing law i think of u even more. you're always the calm one, always trying to think reasonably. and the one who makes no sense to me half the time.

saara - the minute i hear 'dum be cha lei' i think of u. you were always the only one among them who dared to physically hurt me.

ken nie - you're new and i havent lepaked with u much but you're always gonne be claudine's first attempt at our gang.

tinesh - i'm not mad at u. i think deep down u were just an excuse for how i was feeling. i really dont blame u for anything and i'm sorry. i think of when i see anyone who has dimples. and when i think of bbqs.

tingy - i miss u. i think i made u go thru hell and back. i think of u every week while watching idol. i think of u when i feel like talking. i think of bluetooth. black dinosaur.

sarah - i miss talking to u. u were always the one who i could bitch to. bout anyone and anything. i need to gossip.

joe - i miss your blurness. i miss gossiping with u too but u were always the nice gossiper. never gossiped bout anyone. u just listened.

as much as i complained bout the jantans not treating me like a girl, i like it alot. i felt so comfortable around all of u. i could be myself since u all know me inside out. i could say what i wanted when i wanted.

i'm still the same steph u all know. i know i've been a real bitch but i swear it has nth to do with u guys. i know i've been treating u all like crap but maybe its cuz u guys are so close to me. u know how they say we always hurt the ones you love. i think its true now. i think i've just been taking advantage of the fact that i think you're all gonna still be here when i want u to be.

lunch saturday?

May 16, 2010

Bought some souvenirs from Kota Kinabalu . though its nothing much . should we meet up?

May 14, 2010

I was having a light chat in the car with Tinesh when we were out once . we joked about this many times but this time around he asked me to post this in the blog eventhough the blog is pretty much dead and even he knows his name will be in it .. he really wanted me to write this.

the main question that sparked this whole thing off is .. "Who should I really call when Im dying?" - I asked

Tinesh laughed from the driver seat the way he usually does but deep down he gave a quick thought as well . He then replied me .. "call your parents" with a look on his face I totally understand and he knew I did.

He then said.. you know you should call your parents right .
I replied .. not only I know . It seems to be my only choice now

*the conversation continues .. be aware that some of the comments are harsh but some of you isn't any less compared to me . not trying to gain any sympathy . just wanna express this the way I used to do . but also take note that some are jokes that our gang usually share and laugh off among ourselves . Also .. throughout this whole conversation .. Tinesh was laughing his ass off.

then I said .. "If I dont call my parents, is there any hope in calling you guys? "[seriously hoping for any tiny chances]

even Tinesh replied himself .. "seriously . I dont think you can get through us" . and he added on comments that I usually say .. " If you call Josh, probably his mom will pick up and say that he's playing football", "Steph rarely picks up calls and replies message nowadays right? its my fault","Ian is in UK, you can call him but whats the point, you're dying", "Saara .....[long pause]... I think he's really afraid to pick up your call", "Aaron..I dunno" ,"and KenNie, you can try give him a call".

and I ended it .. " I can't call you as well, when you pick up, I'll be dead already!" we both laughed at it.


well if you remember the times that we had as a gang .. this is a typical joke-like conversation we always have wherever we go . In the car to the mall, during trips, dinner time etc.
But as time passes by .. it seems to be coming true . maybe only to me . or 50% to you? I dunno .

*the more I write, the more I feel I should be telling the truth .. so here goes . It might be harsh but some I just wanna patch things up the way it used to be . some of you might have already found comfort in new friends, some thinks Im just going through this period of life, some decide not to accept it, some is just to busy earning money and only have time for self-pleasure and some others . I find comfort in our friends who still stay through times [minus talking bad about those not with us] but I hope we can still be able to do things the way we used to or at least once before I go overseas . If you decide this is offensive, there's nothing I can really do about it .. I lowered the the level of offensiveness already . If you decide what I suggest or said is wrong and decide to go against it . I cant do anything about it as well .*

Aaron - You mentioned that you dont feel like you're apart of the gang only until you pay back my debts . honestly though, it seems like you're able to pay back but rather it was spent somewhere else? so is the money an excuse? .. I've been saying I just want you back in the gang over and over again . even sometimes with disagreement of others .. I really want you to just hangout back like normal [though it takes time to rid the awkwardness we've built through time] . I dunno if its too late now, if I were to go overseas .. my wish is still the same but its up to you what your choice is .

Josh - In recent years, I find myself being more proud of you . mainly of your initiative in hanging out with us [minus the part where you dont join us cause you dont eat many types of food!] . I still find you annoying me the way you used to but it wouldn't be Josh if you dont do those sort of things.

Ken Nie - I glad you're part of us now . or who should I be calling now? stay away from conflict and be yourself :] . love SNSD more!

Lan - can you please dont shock me suddenly! inform me of new "things" before I actually see them myself! and come back fast!

Saara - you can just keep avoiding my calls and avoiding meeting up . apparently ONLY MY phone calls your phone cant accept . they say you're afraid of me .. a muscle man like you . its not something Im proud of .. cause on the other hand, you could just be telling people .. you're not scared, just annoyed by me . either way, I wished you just pick up calls, call me back like you said you would and just spend a little more time with us . I know I should be saying, I would be happy even if we just hangout once or twice but NO . I wished we hangout more . I miss the Saara I used to hangout with . and the friend who used to look after me . now when we meet up . we're a little like strangers . please dont treat me like a fool as if I dunno things you tried to bullshit me with . I overlook it . just come back

Stephy - I shouldn't be saying things as directly as it is to a girl . I'll try my best to put it in a right manner . First of all .. Tinesh is really sorry for what he said to you . he wanna personally apologize to you . I wished you'd meet up with us now . as in NOW . because the longer our meetup is .. it feels like we're just further apart and more awkward . what happened to "us" and the spirit of our gang? I know the feeling of 'not feeling like socializing' but this is our gang we're talking about . it really seems like you gave up on us . the more answer we cant get from you . Tinesh blames himself more . I can deny him once . twice . thrice . but it seems like slowly .. Im believing its really his fault .
dont stop telling me stuff . dont stop msging me . dont stop picking up my calls . because if you do . similarly .. it will get to my mind that you're planning to leave?

Sarah & Joelyn - I havent talked to you both much . I know both of you may have a fair share in the pressures of life . I used to see you both like the peacemaker of our gang . timid ones but good enough to make us all happy as a "family" . now I wished you girls can spread some magic powder and make us stick back as a family .

Tinesh - you spent alot of time with me and the remaining 'hangout' gang members and Im thankful for it . we point out things to each other and learn from each other . I've said what I need to .. directly to you . so all I'll say here is that .. please listen!


its a long one . its all honest with my emotions . if at any point you decide to take it the wrong way .. and hate me . I cant do anything about it . you all know me and how I usually say things . those who will stick with the gang is doing so . those who fell out.. Im pointing out and wished it'll all come back . honestly . we dont have much time . maybe just me . Im planning to go overseas in a couple of months time . some might leave later . so you all decide what we should do?

PS - there is a trip to Sitiawan we're planning to . early June .

Tingy :]

Apr 8, 2010

Most unbelievable of the unbelieveables....

Cheng Stephanie doing law? OMG.... Haha, who would have thought so. Considering all the time she was quite the Bio person, I wouldn't have guessed it. I'm not sure about the others, but I sure am. You guys should get together some day and SKYPE me!!! ok?