Dec 31, 2013

12 years down the road and counting...

Happy New Year People! 

I do not know for sure what the year 2014 will bring us (more so because we all still seem to be drifting along, apart from one another), but I will still be counting all the years of our awesome friendship and keeping you guys in my prayer, like I've been doing for the past years.

I know past thoughts and ideas of each other still lingers in our mind daily, but many of us have changed and matured (regardless for the better or worse) ever since. With that said, I will continue to embrace and cherish our friendship and familial bonds regardless of things said or happened in the past or even if any of you dislike me for my style, attitude, or approach (just putting this out to be clear :)).

I'm 8779 miles flight distance from you people and I know not when I will be home. I'm here seeking for experience or even my calling in life for all I know, but I've never stopped thinking about things we discussed together while in SMK U8 - living close together, doing business together, travel together and grow old together. I've spoken to some of you on the probability of some of it happening and I've gotten positive enthusiasm and ideas, some pessimism, and some just anticipating actual face-to-face discussion, which gives me a greater understanding of you guys over the years and I sincerely appreciate it.

Well, I may be home by end of 2014 earliest, for some of you who wanted to know. Please wait for me to go on MAJOR trips like Japan, Korea, Macau/HK, or even Bangkok! Yes, Bangkok is considered major because I want to go with the gang!

I miss you people a whole lot! Feel free to contact me on FB or whatsapps. Definitely would love to keep up with things. I only get a sense of things by chatting with Mr.Wong on oovoo or whatsapp with Kennie (and this was sometime ago).

Hope all is well and will be better in this coming year!



Unknown said...

Happy New Year nigga papos! Man utd better win tonight!

reagan ting said...

who's this?